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Sony Electronics has joined the Consumer Technology Association Circularity Initiative (CTCI), a voluntary industry initiative to promote circular economy and to highlight industry innovations across the lifecycle of consumer technology products that reduce waste, stimulate more reuse, enhance re-cycling, reduce climate impact, and result in less disposal of consumer electronics.

The initiative was announced by the Consumer Technology Association at the Computer Electronics Show 2024 in Las Vegas.

The CTCI builds on the eCycling Leadership Initiative launched in 2011, which focused on pounds of scrap consumer electronics collected for recycling. Since launch, that initiative led to more than five billion pounds of electronics recycled across the United States with the consumer tech industry funding more than $1 billion of those recycling services.

“Today, while we still address e-scrap collection and recycling, we also now address much more including climate impacts and product and process innovations for repair, reuse and recycled content,” the CTA shared in a press release.

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Each of the CTCI founding companies are committed to innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of materials used in consumer tech products and associated climate impacts to help the circular economy become a reality and have programs in place.

For Sony, under its Road to Zero environmental plan, it is on the path to eliminating plastic packaging from newly designed small products through the use of alternative materials such as paper and plant-based materials by the end of this fiscal year, March 31, 2024. It is also increasing the use of recycled plastics to reduce virgin plastic use in products by 10% by the fiscal year 2025, ending March 31, 2026, compared to the 2018 baseline on a global basis.

“We would like to thank CTA for its leadership in launching this initiative, and Sony is proud to participate as a founding member,” said Shaka Johnson, SVP, General Counsel, Sony Electronics. “Environmental sustainability is something that has been important to Sony for a long time. In 2010, Sony Group established a global environmental plan called Road to Zero, in which we strive to achieve a zero environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of our products and business activities. We are working in a number of ways to evolve and achieve this, as initiatives toward a circular economy are core to Sony’s Road to Zero plan on resource conservation.”