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Decorative image for environment page

In order to fill the world with emotion, we must protect the health of our society and planet. We pledge to fulfill our environmental responsibilities and contribute through our technology.


Illustrations of sustainability-related objects such as Sony‘s products lineup, greenery, parks and wind power generators, lined up and people of various races and ages gathering around the objects.

Act Together, creating a future full of emotion

Details about our sustainability initiatives

In the background, a person holding the earth in his hand. In the foreground, a display monitor is composited.

Environmentally conscious efforts

Detail about LMD-XH medical monitors

Learn how to recycle your Sony products

Find a recycling location near you

Consumer Technology Circularity Initiative (CTCI)

Details on this sustainbility initiative

Xperia™: toward zero plastic packaging

Detail about toward zero plastic packaging

A sound choice for the environment

Detail about recycled-material

ZV-1F – capturing our environmental vision

Detail about environmental features in ZV-1F

All-round consideration for the environment

Detail about environmental features in headphones

BRAVIA, entertainment for the future

Detail about eco features

Sony’s manufacturing, supported by SORPLAS™

Detail about environmental features in SORPLAS

Environmentally conscious manufacturing at Sony

Detail about eco features

Sony’s Original Blended Material

Detail about Sony’s Original Blended Material

Environmental Features in Electronics Products