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EXTRA BASS product

Draw your vibes

Enjoy lush, powerful lows with EXTRA BASS — perfect for EDM lovers.

Sony Extra Bass Headphones & Speakers

Get lost in the beat

Forget about everything but the bass — take the sound of the club anywhere you go with the EXTRA BASS range.

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GTK-XB60 Audio System in different colors

GTK-XB60 Audio System

Bring the festival home

Enjoy lush, powerful lows with EXTRA BASS - perfect for your music.

Sony headphones

Wired & Wireless Headphones

Smartphone-compatible headphones with warm bass that packs a punch.

Explore EXTRA BASS headphones
Sony wireless speaker

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Portable compact speakers with formidable audio and long battery life.

Explore EXTRA BASS wireless speakers
Sony High Power Home Audio System

High Power Home Audio System

Powerful speaker systems with deep, resounding bass and widespread connectivity.

Explore EXTRA BASS high-power home audio systems
Sony product display

Feel your world with bass

Discover Sony's full range of EXTRA BASS™ products, available from selected retailers.


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