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Are You an Audiophile?

5 ways to tell if you are an audio fanatic

Is listening to music one of your main hobbies? Is your sound system worth more than your car? Do you buy only High-Res Audio Music? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be an audiophile. Audiophiles are an exceptional breed of people who are fascinated by pure audio, motivated by sound quality and addicted to audio gadgets.

Audiophiles take their passion for music one step further. They’re curious about how songs are recorded and the science behind how sounds are reproduced. They’re constantly wondering how audio products are made and enjoy digging into the minutiae of speaker technology, sound engineering and the merits of different audio file formats.

So, do you live and breathe audio? Here are five telltale signs that you were born an audiophile.

You’re Familiar with Audiophile Buzzwords and Audio History

Living room with stereo equipment & vinyl records

Terms like "lossless compression", "DSD file" and "original analog source" don’t faze you at all. In fact, you use these phrases regularly in debates with your other audio-obsessed friends. You spend your free time discussing your favorite High-Res Audio formats and the best way to organize your personal music library.

Not only do you know the latest audiophile jargon, but you’re also knowledgeable about the technology that has paved the way for today’s latest audio gadgets. From the first personal audio equipment to the original noise-canceling headphones, you know all of the important audio milestones like the back of your hand. And you’ve been following the journey of High-Res Audio, from the very first upsurge of High-Resolution Audio products in 2013 to the birth of the official High-Res Audio logo in 2014 that certifies all products.

You Are a Know-it-all Audiophile

man with headphones on

Educating yourself on how technology can transform the music experience is one of your No. 1 priorities. Some might call you a know-it-all, but you love to be informed about all of the latest audio technology and trends because they truly interest you. You enjoy knowing how things work and how that can translate into how you and others listen to your music.

You are the go-to source when it comes to the newest audio technology trends. You know that the use of super tweeters can dramatically increase a speaker’s sweet spot to provide the widest possible range of listening. Your idea of listening to music means never sacrificing sound quality. That’s why you rely on LDAC™ technology, which allows you to enjoy high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth®. You also know that DSEE HX™ technology can instantly upgrade your compressed MP3s by restoring the subtleties of the original sound recording.

Your Dream Job is to be an Audio Engineer

music mixing board

While other kids in your class wanted to be doctors, astronauts and rock stars, you always had dreams of being a sound engineer. Being center stage never appealed to you. Instead, you wanted to be the mastermind behind the Grammy® Award-winning hits. You’d love to be an important part of the music recording process and work with some of the biggest names in the music scene.

In the meantime, you’re interested in reading about music producers, sound engineers and sound mixers who are out there living the dream. You love learning about their influence over today’s top hits, their favorite recording sessions and their musical star pals. Who knows, one day that might even be you!

You Own All the Newest Audiophile Equipment

music equipment

You have a need to test out all of the latest audiophile gadgets for yourself; reading reviews simply isn’t good enough for you. Just as people switch out their wardrobes with each new season, you equip yourself with the newest headphones, speakers and sound bars every few months.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most magical time of the year for you. Looking at all the new goodies that will hit store shelves soon is better than Christmas. Learning about new products like the PS-HX500 turntable that enables users to record and edit vinyl records is one of your favorite activities. Geeking out over the latest advances in audio gear is something you do on a regular basis.

You Crave a Behind-the-scenes Look at Music Gadgets

inside look at a tower speaker

As a diehard audiophile, simply owning the latest music gadgets isn’t enough; you have to know how and why they work. One of your favorite pastimes is watching teardown product review videos on YouTube™ of your favorite audio gadgets. You love learning about everything from what kinds of technology were selected to how the material for the speaker cabinets affects sound quality. You’re always browsing audiophile magazines and forums to get the latest information and answer other audio fanatics’ questions.

Getting the inside scoop from sound engineers and product developers is the icing on the cake for you. That’s how you pick up new information to help you make the right purchase for your audio needs.

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