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Inspired worlds wait to be revealed
Passion expands the boundaries of imagination But are the tools impeding the flow? True potential can only soar when free A dream meets technology, and a new camera is born, and now reborn The future is yours, wherever you may go.
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Sony ilce

The latest software is available on the support page.

Thanks to the version 5.0(or later) software updates, newly developed autofocus capabilities are now available, along with a number of new features to support a variety of shooting conditions and needs.

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Outstanding image quality

Full-frame 24.2-megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 20480017 and wide dynamic range captures outstanding image quality.

Extraordinary resolution, whatever you're watching
Any kind of content can be upconverted to lifelike 8K1 resolution with Sony’s unique features. Our Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate, twice as fast as the X1™ Extreme, precisely analyzes and processes data to power 8K pictures with four times the resolution of 4K for scenes rich in depth, texture, and detail. Even images filmed in 4K and 2K are upscaled close to 8K by 8K1 X-Reality™ PRO2,12 using a unique 8K database. Resolution of each subject is then optimized by Object-based Super Resolution to reproduce virtually real world textures.

Driving force for full-electronic revolution.

Innovative full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory 9 liberates you from the limits of conventional SLRs that rely on mechanical systems.The first to use high-speed stacked design, its 24-2 megapixel full-frame image sensor temporarily stores large-volume data in the integral memory for overall 20 times faster readout speed. The combination of the CMOS sensor and the enhanced BIONZ X image-processing engine brings you true digital freedom. [Stacked back-illuminated structure with internal memory] (1) Pixel area (2) Internal memory (3) Hi-speed signal processing circuit (4) Image processing engine

Capture the previously uncatchable

Note: This camera is equipped with electronic and mechanical shutters. The feature described in this section is primarily related to electronic shutter operation.

High-speed continues shooting at up to 20fps

Ground-breaking, full-frame Exmor RS CMOS sensor and BIONZ X processor team up for 20fps continues shooting with AF/AE tracking. Stunning high-speed performance and ample buffer let you capture the decisive moment.

Blackout-free shooting

Non-mechanical electronic shutter eliminates blackout with typical SLR mirror action. An uninterrupted view of the subject is available even during shutter release, with 60fps live-view capability and minimal display lag in continues shooting. (A) Blackout-free shooting (B) Shooting with blackout

Track the action with an uninterrupted view

Note: This camera is equipped with electronic and mechanical shutters. The feature described in this section is primarily related to electronic shutter operation

AF/AE calculations up to 60 times/sec.

Light directly reaches the image sensor without mechanical interruption..

Electronic shutter speeds up to 1/32000 sec.

Electronic shutter speeds up to 1/32000 sec. far supass mechanical shutters for a new imaging expression. You can also maintain shallow depth of field without an ND filter.

Silence expands photographic potential

Note: This camera is equipped with electronic and mechanical shutters. The feature described in this section is primarily related to electronic shutter operation

No noise distraction

An anti-distortion electronic shutter allows silent shooting without mechanical mirror and shutter noise. It's ideal for sports and subjects that demand quiet operation, greatly expanding camera versatility.

No unwanted vibration

During SLR shooting, mirror shock and shutter release shock cause subtle vibration. Has a vibration-free electronic shutter that can keep the camera stable, for razor-sharp images.

See more about 4D FOCUS
4D FOCUS: Stunningly wide coverage
693- A remarkable number of phase-detection AF points A total of 693 phase-detection points (covering approximately 93% of the image area) is now augmented by 425 contrast-detection AF points (expanded from 25), to ensure highly accurate subject detection even under poor lighting conditions, which is where contrast-detection AF is most effective.
4D FOCUS: Fast AF speed
Fast Hybrid AF achieves rapid AF for full-frame photos Capture fast-moving subjects with reliable rapid AF. The speed and accuracy of this Fast Hybris AF System are further improved in combination with the enhanced BIONZ X image processing engine.
4D FOCUS: Steadfast tracking
Reliable subject tracking in motion Uninterrupted AF and optimized AF algorithm dramatically enhace AF accuracy and tracking. Even during shutter release, constantly activated AF lets you continue tracking random subject motion.
AI-based Real-time Tracking
Once you've specified the subject to be tracked, precise focus is maintained while the shutter button is half-pressed. Changes in position are accurately tracked, providing framing flexibility and allowing you to concentrate on getting the best shot.
Underlying technology
A newly developed AI-based subject-recognition algorithm efficiently processes a broad range of visual data from the image sensor. Color, pattern, subject distance, face and eye information contribute to achieving highly accurate subject recognition. (1)Face[AI] (2)Eye[AI] (3) Color (4)Pattern (5)Distance (6)Real-time Processing.
Enhanced Real-time Eye AF
Further enhacing the camera's subject-tracking ability, now a subject's eyes can be detected as soon as the shutter is half-pressed or the AF_ON button is pressed, then tracked continuously. It is also possible to select either the subject's left eye or right eye.

Touch, connect, and play

AirPlay audio

Enjoy simple wireless listening with One-touch NFC. Just touch a compatible smartphone to receiver for Bluetooth® audio.

Enjoy music from AirPlay-enabled devices.

Wi-Fi® connection

Play music from Internet services as well as your home network.

Outstanding image quality

Full-frame 24.2-megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 20480017 and wide dynamic range captures outstanding image quality.

New CMOS sensor for imaging excellence

High sensitivity, a back-illuminated configuration, gapless on-chip lens architecture, and other Sony innovations deliver stunning images in a wide range of photographic situations. Standard ISO range is ISO 100-51200, expandable to ISO SO-20480018 with minimum noise.

BIONZ enhanced-speed image processor

The camera's image-processing alogorithms have been upgraded with the latest software update, allowing higher levels of natural tonal gradations and more stable AWB for continues shooting.

Beautiful 4K imaging
High-resolution quality of 4K movies Full-pixel readout with no pixel binning makes it possible to condense approximately 2.4 times the amount of data required for 4K(the equivalent of the amount of data required for 6K) into 3840 x 2160 4K output.

Efficient workflow and proffesional reliability

In addition to a magnesium alloy body that assures the camera's all-around toughness and reliability, largely amplified versatile enhance operability, supporting severe usage in proffesional photography.

Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder

The new high-resolution 3686k-dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) shows a clear image with fine detail. The legendary ZEISS Coating greatly reduces reflections. Smooth EVF images realized by 120fps frame rate even allow you to eaily track a subject in fast motion. Fluorine coating on the outermost lens provides improved protection from dirt.

5-axis image stabilization

New body-integrated 5-axis image stabilization unit offers a 5.0-stop shutter speed advantage. The live-view monitor image is also stabilized, so you can compose images easily even when shooting a fast-moving subject. (1) Yaw (2) Pitch (3) Roll.

Imaging Edge Remote, Viewer, and Edit

Elevate your photography with Imaging Edge desktop applications. "Viewer" to quickly preview, rate, and select photos from large image libraries

Capture One for Sony

Capture One Express (for Sony) is a free award-winning editing software that provides RAW development, easy management and powerful editing tools Capture One Pro (for Sony) can be bought for even more editing tools and tethered shooting capability.

Easily control your smart home

Use your voice to control smart-home devices throughout your home. Adjust lighting or control other connected devices.4,6

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Easily control with smart remote
Connection set top boxes and other devies via HDMI to this 4K HDR TV and control them all using one smart commander. A slimmer more rounded design with built-in voice control microphone and enhanced button layout makes it really easy to use too.

Visible in the dark with backlit remote

Simply hold up the remote with integrated backlight to change channels and volume when watching TV in darkness.