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Learn more about G Master Lenses
FE 85 mm F1.4 GM
Follow the link below for lens/body compatibility details. Some camera bodies may require a software update for full functionality.
A-mount 35 mm full frame
A-mount APS-C
E-mount 35 mm full frame
E-mount APS-C
Lens Configuration
G Master series lenses take imaging and expression to previously unattainable levels with a stunning blend of extremely high resolution and softly dissolving background bokeh.
MTF Chart
MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describes how well a lens can reproduce fine details, measured as the degree of contrast achieved between finely spaced lines.
Lens Controls
1. Focusing ring / 2. Focus hold button / 3. Aperture ring / 4. Focus mode switch / 5. Aperture index
6. Aperture click switch
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