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The complete coding and robotics kits that combine physical building with digital learning and design.

Everything you need to build limitless combinations

KOOV blocks

Teach spatial awareness in three dimensions using over 300 versatile building blocks in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Sensors and actuators

Bring robots to life with movement, sounds, and lights made possible by sensors, motors, LEDs, and more.

Cables, gears and accessories

The KOOV core

Based on the open source Arduino platform, this microcontroller connects code with robots to make it all come together.

The KOOV app

Manage entire classes, individual students and more — all with one app available for Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS and IOS (iPad only). 1

Learning Courses

Over 50+ hours of content to get students excited about coding, design, and STEAM with a wealth of interactive, educational content
progressing from basic components to programming logic, structure, and processes.

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Robot Recipes

Featuring step-by-step instructions, this growing collection of pre-coded designs gives students a great way to build at their own pace and
use the skills they learn along the way to create original robots.

Product details

KOOV Educator Kit

A turnkey solution for STEAM in the classroom. Includes 50+ hour learning course, 55+ robot builds, classroom management software and more. One kit accommodates up to 4 students.

  • KOOV Blocks (322)
  • LED Expressors (4)
  • Buzzer (1)
  • IR Photoreflectors (2)
  • Light Sensor (1)
  • Push Switch (1)
  • Accelerometer (1)
  • DC Motors (2)
  • Servo Motors (3)
  • KOOV Core (1)
  • Base Trays (2)
  • Battery Box (1)
  • 20cm 3-Core Cables (5)
  • 45cm 3-Core Cables (3)
  • 45cm 4-Core Cable (1)
  • 360 Connectors (8)
  • Eyes (8)
  • Wheels (4)
  • Small Gear (1)
  • Large Gear (1)
  • Rack Gears (2)
  • Block Artist (6 lessons)2
  • Programming Skills (6 lessons)2
  • Robot Structure (6 lessons)2
  • Robot Recipes (55)2
  • Free production zone
  • The KOOV app1
  • 6 Quick Recipes
  • Classroom Management Software2
  • Quick Start Guide

My first robot coding to robot structure2

  • Introduction to Coding Robots (4 lessons)
  • My First Robot Coding (5 lessons)
  • Become a KOOV Block Artist (6 lessons)
  • Learning Mechanisms of Robots (6 lessons)
  • Brushing Up Your Coding Skills (6 lessons)

KOOV Trial Kit

The KOOV Trial Kit provides young learners with everything needed to start building robots from scratch at home or in the classroom. With 12 unique robot builds and a corresponding learning course, they can kick start their STEAM future. One kit accommodates 1-2 users.

  • KOOV Blocks (86)
  • LED Expressors (2)
  • Buzzer (1)
  • IR Photoreflectors (1)
  • DC Motors (2)
  • KOOV Core (1)
  • Base Trays (2)
  • Battery Box (1)
  • 20cm 3-Core Cables (3)
  • 360 Connectors (4)
  • Eyes (4)
  • Wheels (4)
  • Block Remover (1)
  • USB Cable (1)
  • 1 Learning Course Module
  • Introduction to Coding Robotics (4 lessons)
  • Robot Recipes (12)
  • The KOOV App1
  • 6 Quick Recipes
  • Free production zone
  • Classroom Management Software2
  • Basic User Guide

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  1. Internet connection required. Subject to app terms and conditions. Offline options available.
  2. Download instructions provided in the KOOV Basic User Guide.
  3. KOOV is compatible with IOS, Mac, Windows and Chromebook compatible devices. Internet connection required. Subject to app terms and conditions.
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