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Enhance your workflow with HDMI connectivity
Thanks to HDMI connectivity, you can connect the Xperia PRO to your camera, making a range of tasks easier—from monitoring images to live video streaming using the speed of 5G. Your workflow has never run so smoothly.
Live streaming
Using a third-party live streaming application, the Xperia PRO can stream video content from the camera or camcorder that is connected to the HDMI input terminal
Optimizing signal strength
The Xperia PRO features a 360° antenna design, which covers the 4 sides of the device. Together with the beamforming technology, it’s the most effective way to capture high-band-frequency 5G mmWave signals. In addition, a low dielectric constant material used in the chassis of the Xperia PRO enables radio waves to pass through more easily. Together, these technologies help ensure the best 5G mmWave connection, no matter how you’re holding your device or where it’s positioned.