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KOOV Trial Kit
The KOOV Trial Kit provides young learners with everything needed to start building robots from scratch at home or in the classroom. With 12 unique robot builds and a corresponding learning course, they can kick start their STEAM future.
Nurture creativity with KOOV blocks.
KOOV blocks come in 7 different shapes and 7 different colors, opening up a wide world of 3D building possibilities. Inviting to both boys and girls, the blocks help learners to think in 3D and develop spatial awareness skills.
Build robots with sensors to make them come alive.
With 86 colorful blocks and 4 sensors, the KOOV Trial Kit allows users to develop the core foundational understanding of coding, design and robotics.
Drag and drop visual programing
Using code to make robots come alive is simple, with a visual interface that’s intuitive for building and editing code.
12 Easy to follow robot recipes.
Featuring step-by-step instructions, 12 pre-coded designs give kids a great way to build at their own pace.
Included learning course teaches fundamentals of robotics.
Follow a self-guided four-part learning course to gain a better understanding on coding sensors and motors.
Ideal for students ages 8 and up
Students of all skill levels can jump right into the concepts explained with the KOOV Trial Kit. Use the Trial Kit to excite students with STEAM before diving into deeper engineering concepts and designs in the KOOV Educator’s Kit.
Compatible on multiple platforms.
Available for Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS and iOS (iPad only), the KOOV app is included with every KOOV kit.