KOOV Educator Kit

A turnkey solution for STEAM in the classroom. Includes 50+ hour learning course, 55+ robot builds, classroom management software, and more. Supports up to 4 students at a time through collaborative learning.

Discover KOOV Educator Kit

Nurture creativity with KOOV blocks.

KOOV blocks come in seven different shapes and seven different colors, opening up a wide world of 3D building possibilities. Inviting to both boys and girls, the blocks help learners to think in 3D and develop spatial awareness skills.

Build robots with sensors and actuators to make them come alive.

Coming complete with over 300 building blocks and accessories plus a plethora of sensors, motors, and LEDs, KOOV opens the doors to almost endless robotic possibilities.

Drag and drop visual programing.

Using code to make robots come alive is simple, with a graphic interface that's intuitive for both beginners and experienced coders.

Learning Courses for all skill levels.

Over 50 hours of content to get students excited about coding, design and STEAM with a wealth of interactive, educational content progressing from basic components to programming logic, structure and processes.

Easy to follow Robot Recipes.

Featuring step-by-step instructions, 55 pre-coded designs gives students a great way to build at their own pace and use the skills they learn along the way to create original robots.

Make, save and share your own creations.

KOOV users can challenge themselves by designing, building, and coding their own creations in Free Production. Additionally, by tapping into the worldwide community of KOOV users, students can share creations, code and ideas - all within a secure space that's well-supervised, student-friendly and incredibly collaborative.

A turnkey STEAM education solution for educators.

Offering curriculum-aligned lesson plans, step-by-step teacher guides, student progress reports and classroom management features, KOOV can be quickly implemented in any classroom to support the STEAM educational approach.

Ideal for students ages 8 and up.

From first-timers to seasoned junior creators, just about anyone can jump right into KOOV. Even advanced coders can challenge themselves by designing, building and coding their own creations.

One kit accommodates up to four students.

KOOV is flexible enough for students to use for independent study or in a structured setting led by an educator. One KOOV Educator Kit can accommodate up to four students.

Compatible on multiple platforms 2 .

Available for Mac OS, Windows, Chromebook and iOS (iPad only) 2, the KOOV app is included with every KOOV kit .