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Virtual Robotics and Coding Summer Camps
Live virtual sessions focused on block programming, computer logic and problem solving.
2021 Winter Camps
Ages: 8–12
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate
Tools Required: Computer, Internet Access, KOOV Kit and App*
Program: 4 days | 1 hour per day
Dates: December
Pricing: Starting at $499.99
Be part of the KOOV community
Join us throughout the year for exclusive opportunities from being part of STEAM Week to learn about careers in the field participating in the KOOV Challenge – our global robotics competition.
Week-long program (4 sessions):
Session times will be announced at the time registration opens for each seasonal camp.

Winter break: Dec 27 – Dec 30, 2021 Registration opens: tbc

Spring break: Feb 15 – Mar 18, 2022 Registration opens: tbc


Camp Terms and Conditions