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River With Trees


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TravelByXperia Instagram

Take a virtual trip around the world with Xperia

In 2020, our everyday lives changed dramatically—including how we move from place to place. At a time where physical travel may still feel like a distant daydream, #TravelByXperia is designed to help people across the globe reconnect over their love of adventure. From captivating cityscapes to local delicacies, explore the world with Xperia; you never know what you may find.


Venture into the mountains of Taiwan

Discover the awe-inspiring scenery of Taiwan’s central mountain range with TaiTai.LIVE.WILD.


TaiTai.LIVE.WILD is a social platform run by a husband and wife team who are never happier than when they’re hiking or climbing in the mountains – the more remote and inaccessible, the better. Lovers of nature, their photos and movies celebrate the fleeting beauty and ever-changing conditions that are so unique to mountainous regions.


Return to Danda with TaiTai.LIVE.WILD

Discover the wonders of Japan

Lose yourself in the lush green forests of one of Japan’s oldest pilgrimage trails with Ippei & Janine.

Forest with two kids

70mm | 1/25s @f/2.3, ISO 100

Forest with kid

105mm | 1/13s @f/2.8, ISO 100

Bridge In Forest

24mm | 1/640s @f/1.7, ISO 100

River In Forest

70mm | 1/320s @f/2.3, ISO 100


105mm | 1/200s @f/2.8, ISO 100

Rice Paddy Sunset

24mm | 1/4000s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Grommy Rice Paddy

24mm | 1/8000s @f/1.7, ISO 160

Forest Yukata With Mom and Daugther

24mm | 1/200s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Yukata Lady

24mm | 1/320s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Rain Coat with Mon and Daugther

16mm | 1/30s @f/2.2, ISO 160

© Ippei & Janine. All images captured by professional photographers Ippei & Janine. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Ippei & Janine

Ippei & Janine are a Tokyo-based photographer couple specialising in cinematic style photography, creating natural and emotive outdoor lifestyle images, as well as photographing directly for couples and families. Their photography has been published in dozens of global media publications and countless advertising campaigns.

Ippei & Janine

Ippei & Janine offer insights on their Japanese journey

Experience the beauty of rural Taiwan

From abundant fields to spectacular coastlines, Hsiang Li (Rookie) celebrates the diverse landscape of Hualien, Taiwan.

Taiwan Road

105mm | 1/1000s @f/2.8, ISO 50

Taiwan Beach

24mm | 1/4000s @f/1.7, ISO 64

Taiwan Forest

24mm | 1/125s @f/1.7, ISO 64


105mm | 1/1250s @f/2.8, ISO 200

Taiwan Rice Paddy

105mm | 1/500s @f/2.8, ISO 50

Rice Paddy and Grand Mother

70mm | 1/500s @f/2.3, ISO 200

Landscape showing green

24mm | 1/3200s @f/1.7, ISO 64

Close-up of crop stems

24mm | 1/1000s @f/1.7, ISO 200

Fields of green crops

16mm | 1/1000s @f/2.2, ISO 200

An empty train station platform

24mm | 1/2500s @f/1.7, ISO 64

© Hsiang Li (Rookie). All images captured by professional photographer Hsiang Li (Rookie). All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Hsiang Li (Rookie)

Born in Jiali District, Tainan, Hsiang Li (Rookie) is a photographer with Sony Taiwan. In 2014, he started using a camera to record the people and scenes he encountered during his working day as a postman. Later, he uploaded his photos on Instagram with the hashtag “Postman Diary” and became an overnight sensation. Li’s images are heartfelt tributes to his homeland, revealing his warmth and affection for the people and places that make Taiwan so unique.

Hsiang Li

Hsiang Li (Rookie) puts Xperia through its paces

Explore the streets of Hong Kong

Get to know the people and streets of Hong Kong with Billy Ha’s documentary style photographs.

Street scene in shadow

24mm | 1/8000s @f/1.7, ISO 160

Man walking at end of an alleyway

24mm | 1/320s @f/1.7, ISO 250

Outside of a shop on a Hong Kong street

24mm | 1/8000s @f/1.7, ISO 80

Street scene with man sitting in the road

16mm | 1/1250s @f/2.2, ISO 250

Cat sitting outside a shop

24mm | 1/640s @f/1.7, ISO 250

Hong Kong residential street

24mm | 1/800s @f/1.7, ISO 160

Street scene in the sun

24mm | 1/8000s @f/1.7, ISO 160

Street scene from above with skyscrapers

70mm | 1/8000s @f/2.4, ISO 250

Outside of a glass skyscraper

24mm | 1/8000s @f/1.7, ISO 250

Street scene with cars

24mm | 1/1000s @f/1.7, ISO 250

© Billy Ha. All images captured by professional photographer Billy Ha. All images are taken with Xperia.

Billy Ha

Born in Hong Kong, Billy spent his childhood in the U.S. before returning home. He started snapping the streets around him in 2016, and favours photographs of unnoticed people. His work emphasises the details and expressions of pedestrians and his focus is now on social documentaries – telling stories with each photo. He enjoys catching unique moments of people’s behaviour and finding different compositions and otherwise unseen angles for each photo.

Billy Ha

Billy Ha reveals his favourite photo spots in Hong Kong


An endless source of inspiration

Enjoy a selection of beautiful images taken by the winner of the World's Top 10 Mobile Photographers, Dominika Koszowska.

Wooden Rowing boats

105mm | 1/60s @f/2.8, ISO 125

Flowers and lush alpine meadows

24mm | 1/600s @f/1.7, ISO 64

A line of three rowing boats

70mm | 1/125s @f/2.3, ISO 80

Mountains, forests and wooden rowing boats

24mm | 1/250s @f/1.7, ISO 64

Close-up of yellow wildflowers

16mm | 1/500s @f/2.2, ISO 50

Overhead shot of a ballerina stretching

70mm | 1/80s @f/2.3, ISO 400

A ballerina posing in front of a huge arched window

24mm | 1/125s @f/1.7, ISO 400

The reflection of a ballerina practising

24mm | 1/250s @f/1.7, ISO 400

A misty image of a backpacker

70mm | 1/4000s @f/2.3, ISO 64

Close-up of a bird

24mm | 1/500s @f/1.7, ISO 64

© Dominika Koszowska. All images captured by professional photographer Dominika Koszowska. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Dominika Koszowska

Ranked #1 in the World’s Top 10 Mobile Photographers in 2020 and 2021, Polish photographer Dominika Koszowska is a keen advocate of smartphone photography. Her striking landscape, documentary and portrait photographs have earned her over 100 international awards and accolades in a range of prestigious competitions.

Dominika Koszowska

Explore the city that never sleeps

German photographer Kevin Kurpiers captures the sheer scale and drama of New York City.

Sunset image of the Manhattan skyline

24mm | 1/25s @f/2.0, ISO 400

Darkness falling over New York City

50mm | 1/1250s @f/2.4, ISO 400

Monolithic New York skyscrapers

24mm | 1/600s @f/4.0, ISO 640

Grand Central station

24mm | 16mm | 1/50s @f/2.2, ISO 800

Sunset view of a bridge in New York City

16mm | 1/8s @f/2.2, ISO 160

Aerial view of Manhattan

16mm | 1/640s @f/2.2, ISO 250

Sweeping aerial shot of the Manhattan skyline

24mm | 1/160s @f/4.0, ISO 400

New York City in heavy fog

24mm | 1/320s @f/4.0, ISO 125

© Kevin Kurpiers. All images captured by professional photographer Kevin Kurpiers. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Kevin Kurpiers

Kevin Kurpiers is a travel, portrait and landscape photographer hailing from the Black Forest region of South-West Germany. A former Xperia Explorer for the German market, he is passionate about taking on fresh challenges and experiencing new places and people around the world.

Kevin Kurpiers

From the Black Forest to the Big Apple

Welcome to the land of fire and ice

Filmmaker and photographer Arnúlfur explores the rugged geothermic landscape of Reykjanes, Iceland.

Meet Arnúlfur

Widely known online as That Icelandic Guy, Arnúlfur is a Sony Alpha photographer and filmmaker from Iceland. In 2016 he picked up his first camera, the Sony A6300, and he's been obsessed with capturing the world around him ever since. Coming from a family of guides and mountaineers, his love of the great outdoors runs deep and telling stories through a visual format, whether it’s photos or videos, is his passion in life.


Head to Reykjanes with That Icelandic Guy

Appreciate the awesome beauty of the Alps

Photographer Eric Reinheart reveals the beauty of the Alps, a wonderland of mountains, forests, lakes and valleys.

Mountains and trees reflected in an Alpine lake

24mm | 1/600s @f/4.0, ISO 640

A lone hiker with an orange rucksack

24mm | 1/80s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Looking across a lake

24mm | 1/80s @f/1.7, ISO 100

An alpine lake, with mountains in the background

24mm | 1/400s @f/1.7, ISO 160

© Eric Reinheart. All images captured by professional photographer Eric Reinheart. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Eric Reinheart

Eric Reinheart is a Berlin-based commercial and landscape photographer who has worked with a range of world-renowned brands and fast-growing start-ups. While Eric takes a lot of pride in his client work, he finds most gratification elsewhere: the great outdoors. His true passion is to get out there and take images to capture and preserve the beauty of nature in untouched areas.

Eric Reinheart

Travel to the Alps with landscape photographer Eric Reinheart

Witness tulip season in all its glory

In the Netherlands, spring means tulips – and photographer Albert Dros loves to capture the spectacle.

Dramatic shot of tulip field

16mm | 1/3200s @f/2.2, ISO 50

Close-up of a solitary red tulip

105mm | 1/800s @f/2.8, ISO 64

A sea of red tulips in a field

16mm | 1/1600s @f/2.2, ISO 50

Close-up of a solitary yellow tulip

70mm | 1/1250s @f/2.3, ISO 64

Close-up of a solitary yellow and red tulip

70mm | 1/1000s @f/2.3, ISO 64

A sea of red tulips in a field, portrait orientation

16mm | 1/1600s @f/2.2, ISO 50

Row upon row of pink tulips in a field

16mm | 1/5000s @f/2.2, ISO 50

© Albert Dros. All images captured by professional photographer Albert Dros. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Albert Dros

Albert Dros is a professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands. He aims to capture places and moments using his own distinctive vision and style, creating bold, vibrant, and sometimes fairytale-like images. Albert has worked with many brands in the photography industry and is an official Sony Ambassador of Imaging. His work has featured in some of the biggest news outlets and magazines worldwide, including TIME, National Geographic and Adobe.

Albert Dros

Finding inspiration in a unique landscape

Get a taste of Paris

Get a feeling for Parisian life with the latest shots from Laurent Derossi's home city.

Moped In Paris

16 mm | 1/1000 s @f/2.2, ISO 100

Eiffel Tower

16 mm | 1/400 s @f/2.2, ISO 100

Man Dancing

24 mm | 1/2000 s @f/1.7, ISO 160

Man Walking Near Cafe

70 mm | 1/100 s @f/2.4, ISO 100

Paris Train

24 mm | 1/8 s @f/1.7, ISO 64

View of Building

16 mm | 1/400 s @f/2.2, ISO 50

Children Playing Between Columns of Building

70 mm | 1/250 s @f/2.4, ISO 100

Eiffel Tower At Night

24 mm | 1/20 s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Outside of Building

70 mm | 1/640 s @f/2.4, ISO 100

Landscape of Paris

70 mm | 1/640 s @f/2.4, ISO 100

Meet Laurent Derossi—Parisian photographer

Laurent Derossi (@Parisexplorer), is a Parisian photographer from Metz who specializes in urban and travel photography. Curious by nature and an adventurer at heart, Laurent explores the streets of Paris, looking for unique perspectives. Laurent shares his pictures on his website and on his social networks where he is followed by tens of thousands of people.

Laurent Derossi

© Laurent Derossi. All images captured by professional photographer Laurent Derossi. All images are taken with Xperia.

Hear Laurent Derossi talk about photographing Paris

Start a Swedish adventure

Take a trip through the beautiful mountains, lakes, and landscapes of Sweden in winter with Tobias Hägg.

Landscape Of Snow and Sunset

24mm | 1/6400s @f/1.7, ISO 64

A small Swedish island
A winters road with a car
Trees covered in snow

24mm | 1/1600s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Two wind generators

70 mm | 1/250 s @f/2.4, ISO 25

now covered road
Person Playing With Fire In Snow

24 mm | 1/1600 s @f/1.7, ISO 100

Snowy Cabin
Snow Covered Mountain
Sunset Over Mountain

© Tobias Hägg. All images captured by professional photographer Tobias Hägg. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Tobias Hägg—Swedish photographer

Tobias Hägg (social media: Airpixels) is a photographer and videographer based in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Passionate about exploring landscape, adventures, and the great outdoors, Tobias travels to the farthest expanses of earth capturing unique moments from unique perspectives through photography and film. He has been named as 1 of 14 photographers in Masters of Drone Photography and he also judges Cewephotoworld, one of the biggest photography competitions in the world.

Tobias Hägg

Hear Tobias Hägg explain his philosophy on photography

North America

Winter in Yosemite

See Yosemite National Park at its most magical, courtesy of US photographer Chris Burkard.

A photographer in a snowfield

16mm | 1/1600s @f/2.2, ISO 100

Dramatic image of river in winter

16mm | 1/320s @f/2.2, ISO 64

A large rock formation

24mm | 1/1250s @f/2.0, ISO 100

© Chris Burkard. All images captured by professional photographer Chris Burkard. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author. Travelling throughout the year to pursue the farthest expanses of Earth, Chris works to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere.

Chris Burkard

In the footsteps of Ansel Adams

Climb high in Colorado

Enjoy US photographer Andy Mann’s spectacular rock-climbing images.

Close-up of female rock climber

70mm | 1/1600s @f/2.3, ISO 200

Female rock climber on a dramatic cliff face

16mm | 1/3200s @f/2.2, ISO 200

Female rock climber high up a cliff face

16mm | 1/1600s @f/2.2, ISO 200

Dramatic long range shot of female rock climber

70mm | 1/4000s @f/2.3, ISO 200

Long range shot of female rock climber

24mm | 1/4000s @f/1.7, ISO 200

standing atop a cliff

24mm | 1/4000s @f/1.7, ISO 200

© Andy Mann. All images captured by professional photographer Andy Mann. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Andy Mann

Andy Mann is a Sony Artisan, Emmy-nominated Director, 3-time Telly-Award Winner, National Geographic Photographer, and marine conservationist whose imagery is helping tell the story of our rapidly changing planet. Andy is also a public speaker, touring nationwide with National Geographic Live and working with young people around the world to inspire the next generation of ocean ambassadors.

Andy Mann

Join Andy Mann on his Rocky Mountain adventure

Head to downtown New York

Check out a side of New York that most people don't see with Crissibeth Cooper's street photography.

NYC Building View

16 mm | 1/200 s @f/2.2, ISO 50

NYC Through A Fence

16 mm | 1/2500 s @f/2.2, ISO 50

NYC Skyscrapers

24 mm | 1/1600 s @f/1.7, ISO 64

Snow Outside Of Building

16 mm | 1/60 s @f/2.2, ISO 50

Snow In Time Square, NYC

24 mm | 1/125 s @f/1.7, ISO 80

Inside Of Empty Building

16 mm | 1/60 s @f/2.2, ISO 100

Cloudy Sky In NYC

16 mm | 1/125 s @f/2.2, ISO 50

NYC Sunset

24 mm | 1/10 s @f/1.7, ISO 320

Coffee and Croissant

24 mm | 1/15 s @f/1.7, ISO 200

Close up Image of Food

24 mm | 1/15 s @f/1.7, ISO 400

© Crissibeth Cooper. All images captured by professional photographer Crissibeth Cooper. All images are taken with Xperia.

Meet Crissibeth Cooper—New York photographer

Born and raised in New York, Crissibeth Cooper focuses on capturing precisely composed images often leveraging symmetry and the golden ratio. Common themes in her work include leading lines, reflections, architecture, vanishing points, and urbanscapes. She has been exhibited on the Highline and Sony Square in NYC, and her creative photography can be found on Getty Images. She is a founding member of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective.

Crissibeth Cooper

Hear Crissibeth's approach to capturing NYC

Pro tips

Discover Tiffany Nguyen's top tips #TravelByXperia

Meet Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany is an adventure travel photographer from Southern California, with an enviably diverse portfolio. She was one of the first members of the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective and is inspired by her travels. Her work is fueled by discovering new places and immersing herself in unfamiliar cultures.

Tiffany Nguyen

Join #TravelByXperia

Check out these amazing images taken by Xperia users

A commuter train

@komar_gda Xperia 1 II

A curving, snow covered footbridge

@fotopawelolsztyn Xperia 1 II

Sunset over a large body of water with a windmill

@jeffreydk Xperia 1 II

Sunset over the sea with a tree

@andreas745 Xperia 1 II

Shot of yellow flowers

@lokloktan Xperia 1 II

Spacious glazed interior looking

@ugurv Xperia 1 II

Rows of red paper lanterns

@simon_owho Xperia 1 II

Purple hydrangea flowers

@htetkhaung777 Xperia 1 II

Close-up of a frost-covered branch


Close-up of a ram

@denneaagu23 Xperia 1 III

Blurred buses

@taxifoto Xperia 1 III

Night sky displaying a galaxy of stars

@smittywerbenjagermanjensen_96 Xperia 1 III

A vast container ship in a dock

@martijn.peters Xperia 1 II

A sandy beach admiring the sunset

@lanzeh Xperia 5 II


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