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Take action-packed pet shots with Xperia

Akiyo Ogawa

Capture the motion and emotion of your cats and dogs on your Xperia with leading pet photographer Akiyo Ogawa.

24mm | 1/2000s @f/1.7, ISO64

24mm | 1/2000s @f/1.7, ISO64

16mm | 1/1250s @f/2.2, ISO50

24mm | 1/2000s @f/1.7, ISO80

24mm | 1/800s @f/1.7, ISO320

70mm | 1/2000s @f/2.4, ISO250

24mm | 1/2000s @f/1.7, ISO80

24mm | 1/1000s @f/1.7, ISO64

24mm | 1/1250s @f/1.7, ISO500

24mm | 1/160s @f/1.7, ISO400

24mm | 1/2000s @f/1.7, ISO640

24mm | 1/1000s @f/1.7, ISO1250

24mm | 1/1600s @f/1.7, ISO400

24mm | 1/1000s @f/1.7, ISO500

© Akiyo Ogawa. All images captured by professional photographer Akiyo Ogawa. All images are taken with Xperia 1 II.

Meet pioneering pet photographer, Akiyo Ogawa

A popular pet photographer with a wide variety of animal qualifications, Akiyo has photographed over 30,000 pets to date. She has also taught Alpha photography classes, hosted countless of her own photo activities in Japan, and been commissioned to provide photos for pet calendars, postcards, and catalogs.

Capturing expressions with animal Eye AF and 20 fps continuous burst shooting

In this video, Akiyo explains why she recommends Xperia 1 II to all pet owners.

Watch this video for even more pet photography tips

Learn how to capture vibrant photos of your pets including fashionable compositions using the "rule of thirds," adorable shots of cats posing with a cat teaser and cute catchlights that bring out the brightness of their eyes.

All images taken using a lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length.




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