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Experience 360 Spatial Sound with your soundbar1

The SA-RS5 speakers work with our latest compatible soundbars using up-firing speakers and wide directivity woofers for 360 Spatial Sound Mapping to create multiple phantom speakers around your room. When you’re surrounded on all sides by multiple phantom speakers within an optimized sound field, you’ll hear every sound with incredible intensity. It’s like you and your living room are inside the movie.2,3

See our compatible soundbars

Hear every part of the action

Our speakers utilize the latest technologies to deliver the optimal sound quality and wide directivity for 360 Spatial Sound Mapping.1,6

What's inside each speaker

1 - Up-firing speaker
2 - Soft Dome Type Tweeter
3 - Wide Directivity Woofer
4 - Dual passive radiators

Immersive audio from up-firing speakers

For more immersive overhead audio, up-firing speakers reflect sound off the ceiling.

Flexible layout – no power outlet needed

Designed to be flexible to your environment, no wires and internal batteries mean these speakers can be used completely cable free, or with AC power, whichever you like.

AC power set up

Cable-free, battery power set up

Up to 10-hour battery life and quick charging7

With up to 10 hours of battery life when fully charged you can set these speakers without worrying about an AC cable. You can charge them out of sight and bring them out when you need them. And if you’re in a hurry, just 10 minutes of charge will give 90 minutes of use.7

One button optimizes the sound field to your room

Activate Sound Field Optimization any time by pressing the OPTIMIZE button on the unit. These speakers combined with a compatible soundbar1 intelligently measure the distance between speakers and ceiling using dual microphones in each speaker for smart and easy set up.

Connect wirelessly

Simply power up the wireless rear speakers and they’ll automatically make a wireless connection with your compatible soundbar.1 It’s quick and easy with no need for messy cables.9

Omnidirectional Block Design

These speakers are designed using an Omnidirectional Block concept to match our compatible soundbars. The cylindrical shape represents a single solid block providing 360 Spatial Sound2 and fits perfectly against the wall with a flat rear surface.

Designed with the environment in mind

Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.