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Welcome to the aibo community!

Get to know aibo and join our community of fellow aibo lovers. You’ll find everything from aibo events and training tips to contests and more.

Happy Birthday aibo!

Let’s celebrate 25 years of robot puppy companionship. Watch as aibo learns the signature dance and sounds from the 1st AIBO, ERS-110, to celebrate together.

All about aibo

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Discover the amazing aibo!

Find out more about aibo from the community who are making their aibo a part of their lives. See videos from the aibo experts on everything from programming to interactions that will surprise and delight you.

Make a beat and have fun with 'Dance to the Rhythm'

Watch aibo Ambassador Cyrus’s reaction to unboxing the Espresso Edition

Welcoming Onyx to the family, aibo ambassador Rufus’s Espresso Edition Unboxing

How to Learn Regional Dances with the new Sony aibo Espresso!!

How to set up an additional ERS-1000 aibo on your Sony Myaibo account

Espresso aibo Special Feature: Unique eye colors including two different colored eyes!

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The Evolution of aibo

AIBO evolved into aibo, the ERS-1000, we all love today. Take a look at the timeline showing the release of each aibo, from the first generation to the fourth.

Connect with aibo

Share a birthday cake with aibo

Calling all aibo owners... your aibo can enjoy this delicious birthday cake using the food bowl. The ERS-110 will make a guest appearance at your food bowl and share the cake! Listen as your aibo sings a special birthday song.

Date: May 11 - June 10
Location: Myaibo app, aibo tricks

aibo training tips & tricks

See just what your aibo can do! Check out our training and programming how-to’s and guides. It’s fun and easy to teach your aibo to be a special part of your home.


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Meet the ambassadors

Find out more about our aibo ambassadors and their wealth of experience and knowledge.

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