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Connecting Images and Imagination

The One Mount concept brings Sony's most advanced imaging technology together via the E-mount platform, seamlessly connecting full-frame and APS-C, stills and movies, amateurs and professionals through a versatile range of camera bodies and lenses that offer unlimited creative potential.

One Mount. Connect seamlessly with E-mount.

Compact and lightweight, E-mount connects APS-C to full-frame, Alpha mirrorless cameras to pro camcorders and entry level to high-end gear. Use full-frame lenses on APS-C bodies, and even attach E-mount lenses to professional camcorders.

E-mount. Unleash the power within.

Integrated design that's ready for the future

Our end-to-end design approach leverages body algorithms for fast, accurate autofocus and shooting speeds, image stabilization and more. In addition, truly uncompromising optical design partnered with our super-high-resolution bodies ensures exquisite corner-to-corner sharpness.

Ideal for both stills and movies

Unlike other lens systems, movie shooting has always been integral to E-mount lens design. Paired with our camera bodies, state-of-the-art AF algorithms and actuators deliver dependable, smooth focus. Focusing challenges such as angle-of-view fluctuation (breathing), and axial chromatic shift are suppressed, while click-less iris control delivers the operability you need for movie shooting.

Unlimited possibilities

E-mount opens up a world of expression for both photographers and videographers. Switch freely from APS-C to full-frame, tackle vlog shoots with your snapshot lenses, or attach super telephoto lenses to camcorders for wildlife documentary.

Create anything with One Mount

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