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Our Sony Experts are here to help

Need assistance on choosing the right product? Whether it’s finding that right camera or that right entertainment system, we can help YOU!

One on One Consultation Program

One on One Consultation Program is a FREE sales consultation service which allows you to get connected with one of our Sony Sales Experts where they can help in choosing the right Sony product just for you or explaining features and benefits of a product you just purchased.

You can reserve a 30-minute appointment with just 2 simple steps:

Schedule an Appointment here by choosing a category and choosing the best time for you:

Prepare questions you want to ask the Sony Sales Expert and get ready for your call back!


Q. Is there a cost to book a consultation service?

A. This offer is free! Just click the link above, register for the call, answer a few questions and we will call you back at the time of your choosing!

Q. What kind of topics can I talk with the Sony Expert?

A. Each call is scheduled for 30-minutes. We have found this is usually a decent amount of time to cover most sales question needs.

Q. What kind of topics can I talk with the Sony Expert?

A. Our Sony Experts are product sales experts, so we are here to guide you on your purchase journey. Questions as they relate to specific Sony product or comparing models within our lineups to guide you to what will work best for you! Questions about a feature or specification? We can help explain and simplify as needed.

Q. How will I be talking with the Sony Expert?

A. Our Sony Experts will call you via the phone number you provided. We will also send an email after the call, to provide any follow up, like links or product specification information, with a survey requesting feedback about your experience. Video Chat option coming soon!

Q. What if I need help with an issue with my current Sony product?

A. This team is not capable of troubleshooting service issues, so if you need support with existing product issues, please contact our Support team at