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  • Is the class a live teaching session and will it be recorded?
    • Yes, the class is taught live and no it will not be recorded?
  • How long is each class/camp session?
    • What do I do if I miss a class?
  • What if my child falls behind in class or needs more help?
    • The coaches can stay after the class has ended to assist students that may need additional support.
  • What levels of difficulty are available for the camps? Do I choose a difficulty level?
    • No you do not choose a difficulty level. The camps are for students grades 3-8 and during the class the coaches options for more advanced coding for the projects.
  • Can siblings join the same class/camp and can they share a kit?
    • Yes, siblings can join the same class times. We recommend up to 2 siblings per kit since the siblings would need to work together on each project. 1 kit per student is needed if each sibling wants to build independently.
  • How do I register for my desired camp date and level?
    • Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email containing the class registration link where you will select your desired camp date and level, as well as other next steps information.
  • What do I do if my desired camp date or level is full?
    • If you are unable to select your desired camp date/level following your purchase, other camp options are available to choose from or you can contact the KOOV team for further support at
  • Where will I receive information regarding the camps?
    • All information regarding camps will be emailed to the order’s email, and will come from the inbox.
  • How will I connect to the virtual camp?
  • When will I receive my KOOV Kit for camp?
    • KOOV Kits are shipped based on the processing time a delivery method chosen at the time of purchase. To avoid any delays to starting camp on your desired date, please place your order no later than within 5 business days of your camp start date.
  • What do I need to connect to the virtual camp?
    • A device with internet and video call capabilities. We do recommend having a backup device such as a phone to call into the camp in case the audio on your computer is not working properly.
  • How many other students will be in the class?
    • Classroom size is capped at 12 students. There will be one (1) instructor from Grace Academy and one (1) instructor from Sony Electronics. Technical support will also be provided on the call.
  • Are there in-person camps?
    • All Grace Academy camps are hosted virtually. For in person camps, please see our list of partner organizations who may have KOOV camps in your area.
  • When do I get information regarding my Virtual Camp meeting?
    • You will receive email communications the week before your camp start date that contains the details on how to access the class virtually.
  • How can I purchase more classes?
  • Do I need to purchase a new kit for each Camp Level?
    • No. The same KOOV Kit can be used for all camp levels (KOOV Trial Kit). You have the ability to purchase the KOOV Educator Kit instead if you want more parts/pieces, but it is not required for camps.
  • How do I receive support before camp if I have questions?
  • How do I receive support during camp (between sessions) if I have questions?


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