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Accessibility for all, whatever your needs

Technology makes it easier to see, hear, and use. Incorporating accessibility in its design, Sony’s TV enhances the user experience regardless of age, ability or environment.

Accessibility to assist your senses

Vision Assist

Action Assist

Vision Assist

Use voice control, hear what’s on screen, or adjust the display.
The feature availability depends on model, region and country.

Talkback and text magnification functions

Talkback1 allows you to check the TV program guides on screen or to change TV settings without looking at the screen, while the Text Magnification2 will display an enlarged version of the focused text at the bottom or top of the screen3.

Color inversion

Invert the brightness of colors so that bright areas become dark, and dark areas become bright. This feature can be turned on or off as needed. If the text is easier to read with a dark or bright background color, you can use Color Inversion to change the background color.

Accessibility shortcut

Accessibility Shortcut allows you to quickly and easily turn your accessibility features on or off.

Action Assist

Select the operation method, including shortcuts or voice control.
The feature availability depends on model, region and country.

Notification timeout function

Notification Timeout can be used to extend the display time of a notification.

Hands-free operation, including video searches

Users of BRAVIA with Google Assistant built-in can simply say "Hey Google" and say a task, for example, searching for a YouTube video, and it will be done. Voice commands can also be used to operate the BRAVIA itself, such as turning it on or off or changing the volume4.

Stable remote operation on a desktop

Our remote is designed for stable operation on a flat surface, so that the remote buttons can be accurately pressed with a single finger without having to hold it in your hand.


  1. "Talkback" and "Text Magnification" functions are in compliance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. Screen Reader function is available only for some areas and languages.
  2. "Text Magnification" function is available only for some applications.
  3. "Talkback" and "Text Magnification" functions are available only for focus points.
  4. You will need an Internet connection to use the voice search function and applications. Depending on which model you use, you may have to log into a Google account. You may also need to sign up or become a subscriber to use some applications. You must agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy to use BRAVIA TVs equipped with Google LLC's Google TV / Android TV. More information is available in Google Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy. Google, Google TV, YouTube and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC. Some apps, contents and/or features may not be available in all locations. Subject to availability. User must connect to a Google account to use certain advertised features.
  5. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.