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mobile ES

Mobile ES™ Series—The elevated standard

You will be longing to spend more time in your car.

Sony’s Mobile ES is our insatiable desire to deliver superior In-Car Entertainment. Its sound and visual quality are proof of the uncompromising passion of our engineers and advanced technology.

The experience it offers will transcend you into a realm of new discoveries. Turn on the ignition and turn on your favorite music to lift your spirits, boost your mood and transform your car environment. Feel every note, hear every breath the artist takes, and witness a true to life musical experience. Let the music truly manifest throughout your body.

Elevating the standard once again, we redefine your driving experience. You will truly enjoy spending more time in your car.

Here is Sony’s Mobile ES.

Mobile ES Series

Sony's top of the line products with the highest build quality and refinements for unmatched audio and video experience

Interview Video

Birth of Mobile ES

Find out our commitment and value of Mobile ES – how we create a system which pleases drivers and passengers so they wish to spend more time in car.

Acoustic engineering

Listen to the voice of our sound experts, explaining how we achieved to realize a high-spreading crystal-clear, transparent sound.

Story behind speakers

While matching various types of vehicle, Mobile ES speakers boasts elegant and functional design. Find out how excellent performance is realized with beautiful appearance.

Passion behind technology

Project team of our flag ship XAV-9500ES receiver tell how they made efforts to create the best of the best, pursuing detail after detail without any compromise.

Treat your dashboard and your senses

Enjoy pure detail in everything you listen to with the XAV-9000ES, our premium Mobile ES™ 2-DIN media receiver. A new 6.75 in (17.1 cm) capacitive HD touchscreen lets you customize audio and visuals easily, and a full suite of connectivity for your smartphone includes LDAC to wirelessly stream High-Resolution Audio with exceptional sound quality

Superior sound meets versatility

The Mobile ES™ car amplifiers will take your in-car sound to the next level. A range of premium circuit components work together for ultimate efficiency and pitch-perfect sound reproduction, while the new signal summing feature and combined pre-outs allow for seamless installation in various types of vehicles.

Engineered for perfection

Meet the brand-new Mobile ES speaker and subwoofer range. Boasting Lightweight Rigid Cellular diaphragms (former MRC) combined with a Separated Notch Edge Surround, they provide unrivaled acoustics in your vehicle.


  1. When installing, ensure access to the vehicle’s original equipment and make sure the unit does not obstruct your field of vision.
  2. Mobile ES and Mobile ES logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
  3. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.