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Discover a brand new sound experience

Together with our partners, we're bringing you a sound experience that goes to the next level

What do you get when you combine the world’s leading brands with Sony's advanced sensor technology? You get an amazing headphone experience that will give you personalized sound whenever you want it. Whether you’re listening to music, working or relaxing, you’ll get the sound you love by making your headphones a wearable sound gateway. Get started by pairing up to Sony's built-in sensor headphones and compatible apps.

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Quick Access

Easy controls to quickly access your playing music.

Spotify Tap TM

Spotify Tap 2 playback is music to your ears, quite literally. Just put on your headphones and get the tunes playing with a simple tap. We’ll start playing wherever you left off. Not feeling it? Another tap cues up a recommendation just for you. Wherever your day takes you, Spotify Tap playback is the easiest, most personal way to take your music with you, and it’s ready in seconds.

Endel Quick Access

Endel helps you focus, relax and sleep, backed by neuroscience. It creates soundscapes that adapt to your heart rate, motion, time of the day, weather, and circadian rhythm. Set up Endel for Quick Access to start the last soundscape you were listening to. Resume your last played soundscape by just a few taps of the headphones.

Auto Play

Hear your sound right when you need it, delivered according to your activity.

Auto Play

Auto Play delivers music and audio notifications just when you need them. Music plays at your preferred timings, such as when you're putting your headphones on or starting to walk for a break, uplifting your mood effortlessly. Audio notification reminds you of all your important events. So, your phone can stay safely in your pocket. Link with Spotify and Endel to get your favorite music and relaxing soundscapes. Auto Play app is in Beta, which means its features and experiences might be changed and improved 3 4.

Sound AR

Overlay virtual sound with real world.

Easy setup with "Sony | Headphones Connect"

1. Install Sony | Headphones Connect app on your smartphone.
2. Follow the instructions within the app to set up each service.



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  2. Some services may not be available in certain countries/regions.
  3. Install the Spotify app and set up with Sony | Headphones Connect app. Spotify service may not be available in some countries/regions. Spotify and all other trademarks related to the Spotify brand are the sole property of Spotify AB.
  4. Install the Auto Play app and set up with Sony | Headphones Connect app. Auto Play Android version is now available. Auto Play iOS version will be available in early June 2022.
  5. Install the Spotify or Endel app and set up with Auto Play app. Auto Play, Spotify and Endel service may not be available in some countries/regions.
  6. Requires having the app installed on your iOS device. Please see details on Microsoft and Soundscape are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
  7. For Sony’s approach to Soundscape, please see details on:
  8. Users must continue to observe their surroundings when using Soundscape app with this product. Microsoft Soundscape is not designed, intended, or made available for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases and for use as a mobility aid or medical device; and is not designed or intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or judgement and should not be used to replace or as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or judgement.
  9. Requires built-in sensors.
  10. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.