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X-Series, a new range of speakers

Life should be lived at full volume

This means getting your friends together, turning up the music to full volume and vibing all night to a clear, rich sound, With our X-Series range of speakers, you can make the most of every single moment, power parties you’ll remeber forever and always live your life out loud.

Turn up the fun

Music is made to be shared and with the X-Series, you can do that with more people than ever. All our X-Series speakers are specially designed to provide a powerful, spacious sound whether you’re listening indoors or outside, by yourself or with a group of friends. So, the only question really is: where do you want to go next?

Have it your way

You want one speaker that suits all the different places you want to listen and all of the different moods you find yourself in. With the X-Series, you can choose a speaker that perfectly suits your style, with a wide range of choices on sound quality, portability, durability, and lighting.









Innovative technology for a richer sound

We’re always looking to innovate, and the X-Series is no exception. The X-Balanced Speaker Unit is a unique way of bringing you a powerful, spacious sound and a more rewarding listening experience. You may not see it, but once you press play, you’ll hear the difference with every beat.

Bigger speaker area, better basslines

A non-circular diaphragm, instead of the conventional circular diaphragm, maximises the area of speaker and increases sound pressure for more punch, deep bass and reduces driver excursion for less distortion and greater vocal clarity. So, don’t compromise. Grab your X-Series speaker and live life out loud.


  1. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.