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Meet aibo!
The ERS1000 is the latest iteration of Sony's robotic puppy. This one-of-a-kind companion is made possible by pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique A.I. technology. Through deep learning, aibo is able to grow over time and form a unique personality through everyday interactions. With lifelike expressions and a dynamic array of movements, aibo is sure to become a beloved member of your family.
Watch - a day in the life of aibo
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Front View
Side View
aibo’s personality develops over time
From day one, aibo grows and changes, constantly updating its data in the cloud. Over time, your approach to nurturing your aibo will gradually shape its personality—it could be a doting partner, a wild, fun-loving companion, or anywhere in between. A keen explorer, aibo will learn its surroundings, knowing where to greet you when you get home and can be trained on where to go “potty.”
aibo AI Cloud Plan
With the aibo AI Cloud Plan, you get the essentials of the whole experience: name your aibo, watch your aibo grow, and communicate with your aibo via a special app.
Being with people is what aibo loves most
Not content with merely waiting around to be called, aibo will actively seek out its owners. Boasting the ability to learn and recognize faces, aibo develops a familiarity with different individuals over time. You can interact with aibo through a compliment or command that aibo will hear or a well-placed pat on the head, a scratch on the chin, or a gentle stroke down the back aibo that aibo will feel.
Download the My aibo app
Take your aibo experience to the next level with the "My aibo" app. In addition to accessing system settings, owner information and aibo’s customization, a handy interface lets you check out your aibo's pictures, play with your aibo, and add "tricks" to its repertoire.
aibo is sold as a FINAL SALE – NO RETURN