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Spatial Reality Display

Case studies

See how Sony’s Spatial Reality Display is changing the approach to visualizing concepts and characters across the medical, dental, entertainment and other industries.

Media and Entertainment

Sony Electronics Inc. and Theta Labs launch Web3 Metaverse NFTs in 3D viewable on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.

Now fans can own and display NFTs (Non Fungible Token) digital collectible assets at home in glasses-free 3D display.

THETA Network

Media and Entertainment

A game-changer for WhiteMoon Dreams

A leading independent game studio discovers better ways to evaluate 3D characters, creatures, textures, lighting, colors, and effects with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.

White Moon Dreams

Media and Entertainment

Digital Nation Entertainment delivers a whole new world of “WOW.”

A leader in 3D volumetric capture and content creation, Digital Nation Entertainment considers Sony’s Spatial Reality Display to be a game-changer.



SCIEMENT tackles congenital heart defects with the Spatial Reality Display

The SCIEMENT Viewtify solution transforms a series of medical images into a 3D computer graphic shape that doctors can examine as a surface in real-time, providing unprecedented, intuitive understanding.



SHoP Architects: Building on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display

A creative leader and technology innovator, SHoP Architects developed a smartphone app to help clients experience the firm’s 3D designs on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.



SmileFy helps dentists and patients visualize outcomes with the Spatial Reality Display

“How will I look?” ask patients in need of restorative or cosmetic dentistry. Now dentists can provide an authoritative answer with SmileFy’s visualization software and the Sony Spatial Reality Display.


Media and Entertainment

Cooperative Innovations Ltd. enables Tate McRae to dance into a new dimension

Sony Group Corporation teams up with Sony Music artist, songwriter, and dancer Tate McRae, immersive technology studio Cooperative Innovations Ltd. and creative agency Ralph to create an interactive, 3D music video for the hit song “You Broke Me First” as part of its brand campaign, the Sony Collaboration Series.

Cooperative Innovations

Spatial Reality Display

Discover a new visual medium with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display. Sony’s legacies of cutting-edge visual and spatial realities combine in an incredible 3D optical experience where detailed texture, high contrast, and luminous brightness come together to create a portal to another world.

SR Display Development

The Spatial Reality Display developer’s site provides the necessary steps to develop SR Display applications. Find the SDK Downloads, helpful guides with step by step instructions, troubleshooting and more.

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  1. Computer required with a recommended CPU of Intel Core i7-9700K @3.60GHz or faster; and a graphics card such as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER or faster.
  2. See instruction manual accompanying the product for details on product use, incl. 3D feature