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Level up your gaming with Xperia

Developed with pro-players and tailor-made for mobile gaming, Xperia is packed with features to give you a competitive edge and even lets you live stream gameplay.

Official Smartphone Partner for Global Tournaments in 2022

As part of the partnership, Sony will supply its state-of-the-art Xperia models for pro teams as they go head-to-head at the biggest PUBG MOBILE eSports global tournaments.

Engineered to keep you one step ahead

In first-person shooter (FPS) games in particular, every piece of visual and audio information about your opponent is vital – and the Xperia 1 III gives you more than ever before. Responding to the demands of pro gamers, we've focused both on the quality of images and sound and the ability to customize them. So you can enhance your gameplay and notch up more victories.

Go behind the scenes

See how engineers drew on the knowledge and expertise of pro players to create an exceptional gaming experience.

Technology co-developed with pro gamers

Adjust color and brightness to see the enemy first

Finding your opponent before they find you is key to victory. So the Xperia 1 III lets you adjust display settings like brightness balance to reveal enemies and objects that might otherwise be hidden in dark scenes. It also lets you preset color and brightness for specific game stages or to help read maps more easily in challenging environments.

Customizable audio helps you outsmart your opponents

In gaming, what you hear can be just as important as what you see. With Xperia you can use the audio equalizer to minimise unnecessary sounds and focus on the ones that matter – from an opponent’s approaching footsteps to the sound of a pin being pulled out of a grenade. An enhance voice chat function lets you communicate more clearly with your teammates.

Make every touch count

We recorded the finger movements of pro gamers, then performed touch response tuning while reproducing those finger movements with a robot. As a result, Xperia offers exceptional touch speed and accuracy, with a 240Hz Touch scanning rate3 for precision control.

Pro-quality live stream gameplay direct from your Xperia

Live streaming through your PC

If you want to live stream mobile gaming using your PC, Game enhancer on Xperia has got you covered. You can change the title of your stream, select your channel. adjust the resolution, frame rate latency and more all from one screen.

Edit your streaming layout

Customize the layout of your live stream and add titles with a choice of colors so you get exactly the look you want – all from an easy-to-use interface.

Chat with your viewers

See your stream chat and join in, with different display options. Communicating and interacting with your viewers can boost interest in your streams.

Change settings during your stream

Want to change things up mid-stream? You can change settings smoothly and intuitively including the volume of your voice, game and media as you go. You can even change the stream title if you need to.

See your data when the stream ends

At the end of your stream, a pop-up window shows all your stream data including total views, subscribers, likes and more – data you can use to grow your channel.

Live streaming through your PC

If you want to live stream mobile gaming using your PC, Game enhancer on Xperia has got you covered.

Centralized audio

By mixing all sounds, including your voice, the voices of other players, and background music, Game enhancer makes it easier than ever to live stream with a PC connection.2

Game enhancer gives you the edge

Game enhancer is your gaming control centre, enabling you to customize features and settings to create the perfect player experience. Watch the video below to find out more.

Game enhancer

Custom settings

Different games place different demands on you as a player. So Game enhancer lets you customize key settings to suit the game you're playing, including Screen refresh rate, Touch response speed, and Touch tracking sensitivity.

Image quality settings

Discover how Game enhancer lets you adjust image quality on a game by game basis, including making dark areas lighter so you can see your opponents before they see you.

Audio equalizer

Learn how you can tweak audio to heighten sounds that matter most, such as enemy gunshots, as well as optimising voice chat with your team mates, and even changing the sound of your own voice.

H.S. power control

Planning a long gaming session? See how H.S. power control helps keep your phone cool and protect the battery while maintaining optimum gaming performance.

Focus settings

See how easy it is to disable notifications, incoming calls and other potential distractions so you can focus purely on your gameplay.

R.T. record

Find out how Game enhancer’s R.T. rec feature temporarily records the last 30 seconds of gameplay so you’ll never miss those epic gaming moments again.

Burst shooting

See how burst shooting lets you capture the ultimate screenshot in-game, no matter how fast and furious the action may be.

High frame rate record

Find out how Game enhancer helps you create high quality video content, including game recording at up to 120fps.


Finally, discover how Game enhancer allows you to do other things, like chatting to friends or searching YouTube, without having to leave your game.

Custom settings

Tune your performance and touch response, speed and frame rate for improved gameplay. Or choose battery life mode to make sure your gaming time lasts as long as possible.

Image quality settings

From color to white balance, adjust image quality settings so you can see the action more clearly and spot your opponents more easily. It’s more comfortable for your eyes too so you can play for longer.

Audio equalizer

Audio equalizer lets you adjust audio levels to heighten key sounds, such as enemy footsteps or the distinctive noise of a particular weapon, giving you a vital edge over your opponents.

Focus settings

Choose Competition mode to disable notifications, incoming calls and other potential distractions so you can focus purely on your gameplay.

R.T. record

Whatever you’re playing, R.T. record (Rewind time record) automatically pre-records 30 seconds of game footage. So you can easily rewind and capture key moments like match-winning plays, then share them online.

Burst shooting

Want to take a screenshot of a key moment or memorable victory? The Xperia 1 III is able to capture up to 600 images in 30 seconds, so it couldn’t be simpler.

High frame rate record

Now you can relive your winning moments in all their glory thanks to high-quality recording in up to 120fps.

H.S. power control

When using a charging cable for gaming, Heat Suppression power control powers the phone systems directly rather than charging the battery. This reduces thermal stress, helping to maintain gaming performance and keep your battery healthy for longer.

[A] OFF = high temperature [B] ON = low temperature



  1. The feature may vary by content, game availability, and compatibility.
  2. Please use this feature by following the terms of use and the requirements related to live streaming determined by the live streaming service you use. Depending on the live streaming service you use, the conditions and specifications for live streaming may be added to or changed unexpectedly. Live streaming restrictions may apply.
  3. 5G network and availability may vary depending on country, carrier, software version and user environment.
  4. Offers may vary by region, country, timing and model.
  5. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.