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Capture your best friend at his best

Animal portraiture and wildlife photography will never be the same, thanks to Sony's unique Real-time Eye AF for Animals feature.1 2

An evolution of Sony's Real-time Eye AF

Sony's acclaimed AI-based Real-time Eye AF has evolved to a new level, now providing reliable real-time eye autofocus for animals as well as people.

Find out all about Sony's Real-time Eye AF for humans

Sony's Real-time Eye AF is an amazing tool for shooting people as well, from children at play to stunning portrait shots.

Take beautiful portraits of your pets

By automatically focusing on your pet's eyes rather than the surrounding environment, Real-time Eye AF for Animals makes it easy to take great animal portraits, with just a half-press of the shutter button.

Capture expressive faces at just the right moment

Even when playful puppies won't stay still for a minute, you can still capture fleeting expressions, confident of fast and precise focus.

Catch your pets when they're relaxed with you

Real-time Eye AF for Animals is perfectly partnered with the silent shutter feature, so there's no need to break the relaxed mood.

Be ready for wildlife encounters

Taking advantage of Real-time Eye AF for Animals 3 helps you make the most of brief, chance meetings with wildlife.

Real-time Eye AF now supports animal-eye autofocus 1

The advanced AI-based subject recognition technology used in Sony's Real-time Eye AF feature has been augmented with a new algorithm that supports animals in addition to humans. This enables fast, precise, automatic detection and tracking of the eyes of various animals. 2

Switching to Animal mode

Subject recognition of animals has its own special menu setting. Simply choose "Animal" from the menu setting for "Subject Detection". Then you can activate eye recognition for your subject simply by pressing the shutter button halfway, or by pressing a custom-assigned key.

Reliable focus and tracking even in tricky settings

Real-time Eye AF for Animals works reliably even when there are other objects nearby or partially in front of the subject, such as a window frame, a person's hands, trees, bushes or similar obstacles. 2

Pet photos from a different point of view

By using an α series camera's tiltable LCD monitor you can shoot from different angles or high and low positions, and the wide AF area and touch-focus features make it easy to focus on the target subject. 2

Silent shooting helps you capture natural facial expressions

The silent shooting feature available with compatible α series cameras is ideal for animal photography. Real-time Eye AF for Animals sets and maintains the focus while the shutter release is silent; it can also be used in conjunction with continuous shooting. 2

Wide AF coverage captures the scene reliably

Even when puppies won't sit still, you can still capture them in sharp focus thanks to the camera's wide autofocus area and the Real-time Eye AF for Animals function. 2

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  1. Function availability and detection performance may vary by models (software version). See details on the Sony support page.
  2. Accurate focus may not be achieved with certain subjects in certain situations.
  3. Camera software Ver. 3.0 or later for α7R III/α7 III, Ver. 6.0 or later for α9, and Ver. 2.0 or later for α6400 is required. See details on the Sony support page.
  4. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice
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