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eye auto focus box

Eye AF: The secret to unforgettable portraits

Count on Sony’s exclusive Eye AF for crisp focus and more successful portraits. A revolutionary tool for anyone — even including pros and enthusiasts.

The eye is the window to the soul of a portrait

The glint of an eye. It’s the signature of every great portrait; a glimpse into the soul of the subject. Sony’s unique Eye AF brings this unprecedented power to all your portraits, continuously tracking not just your subject, but the individual eye — for startling images, from snapshot to professional portraiture.

And now, Real-time Eye AF for Animals

Pet and wildlife photography is now easier than ever! Sony's Real-time Eye AF feature has been extended to the animal world, automatically detecting and tracking the eyes of animals as well as humans.

Eye AF for animals
photographer taking shots a woman

The key to great portraits

Loved by professionals

With a fast lens, the difference between an award-winning portrait and an everyday snapshot may come down to nothing more than the length of an eyelash. Professionals know the glint of a perfectly-focused eye brings life to an image unlike anything else, which is why Sony's Eye AF is such a game-changing innovation.

woman playing tennis

Bob Martin
Professional Sports Photographer

"When you are shooting really boldly in the frame, you can use Eye AF. Just press the button and then the focus locks on the eye. The racket or the arm doesn’t distract the focus from where it should be — on the eye."

two men hugging in bike helmets

Russ Ellis
Professional Sports Photographer

"Eye AF was a real revelation and gave me opportunities I wouldn’t have usually had."

person looking through camera settings

The power of Sony's Eye AF

Reliable eye tracking, in all conditions

Catch the eye for superb portraiture. Eye AF uses Sony’s remarkable wide AF area and accurate eye detection to open up unimagined freedom of composition, so you can explore creative expression like never before.1

girls face hidden with bubbles

Partly hidden face

bride looking down

Looking down

photo of woman with backlit background


man wearing glasses

Wearing glasses

picture on woman inside with poor lighting


photo of woman with small object focus

Small subjects

sony camera shutter button

Enhanced Real-time Eye AF1

A subject's eyes can be detected as soon as the shutter button is half pressed, then tracked continuously in AF-C mode with outstanding accuracy. When shooting movies, Real-time Eye AF1 helps you concentrate on the subject rather than on focusing.

right eye auto focus

Choose your subject's left eye or right eye1

Now you can choose Left Eye, Right Eye, or Auto from the menu in advance, leaving you free to pay more attention to composition. These selections can be assigned to custom buttons, allowing you to quickly toggle between choices while mid-shoot.

eye detection autofocus

Pioneering eye detection autofocus

Innovation made possible with a mirrorless design

Innovation made possible with a mirrorless design As the leading image sensor producer, Sony's unmatched processing and sensor technology can detect your subjects in real time, determine precise eye position, and deliver perfect focus. High-precision AF points — far wider than those in conventional DSLR cameras — help you track your subjects throughout the frame, and faithfully capture them every time.

[1] Conventional DSLR cameras [2] Sony's mirrorless cameras

[1] Conventional DSLR cameras [2] Sony's mirrorless cameras

Advanced by accumulated know-how

Not all mirrorless cameras are created equal. Sony's Eye AF performance is made possible through decades of pioneering advancements in imaging technology — from our industry-leading developments in image sensors, processors, and lenses to eye detection software algorithms.

[1] Lens [2] Image sensor [3] Image processing engine [4] Software algorithm

mirrorless technology process

Discover cameras with Sony’s Eye AF

Interchangeable-lens cameras

Compact cameras

Make the most of Sony's Eye AF


  1. Eye AF may not always work as intended, depending on the shooting scene and conditions. Function availability and detection performance may vary by models (software version).
  2. Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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